Expert planning, policy research, and
project management for an ever-changing world 

Nexus Planning & Research is a California corporation specializing in planning and research for land use, entitlement, public policy, and economics projects. Since our inception in 2012, we have worked with federal, state, and regional agencies; local jurisdictions; non-profits; and private sector businesses to bring best-practices and sector-specific knowledge to support their efforts.  

Our mission:

To provide our clients with the highest level of expertise, commitment, and professionalism they expect, with the flexibility and nimbleness only available from a boutique consultancy.

Our Team

The Nexus difference is in its people.

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Our Services

Land use planning and entitlement, historical resource assessment, policy research


Some of our recent work include projects for the Port of San Diego, NOAA, and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership

Nexus Planning & Research    427 C Street, Suite 212    San Diego, CA  92101